Maple Shade Storage

Maple Shade Storage Redevelopment Plan for Self Storage Facility

3030 Route 73 North
Maple Shade, New Jersey

The Feldman Companies, a Florida-based real estate developer, engaged Stout & Caldwell to provide comprehensive civil engineering and surveying services for the redevelopment and conversion of an existing site into a new state-of-the-art three-story 120,000 square foot self-storage facility. Led by firm partners, Robert R. Stout, PE, CME, LS and Daniel J. Caldwell, the project team was responsible for conceptual and major site plans, construction stakeout, AutoCAD services and surveys to include boundary, topographic, ALTA, utilities and highway studies. The scope also encompassed a Phase I Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statement, Flood Zone Classification and other environmental studies. Rounding out the work, the firm provided traffic engineering, auto turn analysis, parking lot design and landscape planning as well as permitting and planning board testimony. Stout & Caldwell worked with partners Stropshire Traffic Engineering, Prime & Tuvel, RPM Engineers and Frank G. Relf Architects. READ MORE

Project Details

Site Size 1.9 Acres
Project Services: Conceptual and Major Site Plan, Boundary & Topographic Surveys, ALTA Survey, Utilities & Highway Surveys, Construction Stakeout, AutoCAD Services, Phase I Environmental, Environmental Impact Statement, Storm Water Design, Soil Testing and Analysis, Flood Zone Classification, Endangered /Threatened Species Survey, Traffic Engineering, AutoTurn Analysis, Parking Lot Design, Landscape Planning and Management, Permitting, Planning Board Testimony

Community impact

  • Beautification of redevelopment zone within township
  • Increased economic impact with greater tax revenue
  • Additional job creation for the township and region

Stout & Caldwell has joined the PS&S team.
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