Green Acres

Moorestown Township - NJDEP Green Acres Survey

621 Garwood Road
Moorestown, New Jersey

Stout & Caldwell was engaged to provided surveying services for Moorestown Township in its plan to preserve 11.5 acres of land located at 621 Garwood Road at the intersection with Westfield Road. As part of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Green Acres Program, the requirements are very specific as the survey plan serves as the complied record of field conditions at the time of its completion. The survey must include significant figures, roads, waterways, land subdivisions and more with mathematical closure and survey expressions. Any permanent-type building, utility easements and encroachments as well as corners omitted and found corner markers. Separately a deed description document must be provided with the corresponding metes and bounds, following the template provided by the NJDEP. Stout & Caldwell successful navigated the process and completed the project. READ MORE

Project Details

Site Size 11.5 Acres
Project Services: AutoCAD Services, NJDEP Green Acres Survey, Permitting

Community impact

Preservation of 11+ acres of land from any future development

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