Portfolio MEND Creed II

MEND Creed II - Site Plan Design

315 Chester Avenue
Moorestown, New Jersey

MEND engaged Stout & Caldwell Engineers to provide complete site engineering and surveying services for its Creed II apartment development project in Moorestown, NJ. Creed II was the result of a three-year planning and implementation process that grew out of a unique public-private partnership in support of affordable housing. Two state agencies and the county provided funding, and the township worked closely with MEND during the long and complicated approval and permitting process. The Builders League of South Jersey, an association of market-rate housing developers, and the development’s general contractor also provided expertise and resources. READ MORE

Project Details

Site Size Eight (8) one bedroom rental apartments
Building Size Two-story buildings
Project Services: Site Plan Design, Permitting, Boundary Survey, Planning Board Testimony, Topographic Survey

Community impact

  • Revitalize vacant site into an active retail center
  • Create job opportunities in the region
  • Offer tax ratable for community

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