Lakeview Memorial Park – Environmental, Surveying, Permitting

1300 Route 130
Cinnaminson, New Jersey

Stout & Caldwell (SC) was retained by Lakeview Memorial Park to solve a sedimentation issue found within two of the many lakes on its property. Initially the client required a delineation of wetlands, survey services, sampling and identification of sediment depths and permit preparation required from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection for the proposed dredging activities. Following the initial dredging in 2008, the two lakes have since required dredging on four (4) additional occasions in order to remove accumulated sediment. To reduce the frequency and cost of the necessary dredging, Stout & Caldwell designed and evaluated several alternatives for Lakeview, who eventually selected an “Upstream In-Waterway” system of baffles to catch the sediment prior to it entering the lakes. This proposed alternative was the first of its kind in NJ. The firm worked closely with both the client and NJ Department of Environmental Protection to design the project and secure necessary permits. In addition, Stout & Caldwell completed a detailed storm water analysis of the project site and overall watershed plus developed a comprehensive stream bed and stream bank restoration plan as part of the permit applications. This waterbody leads into a Category 1 trout stream. READ MORE

Project Details

Site Size 50+ Acres
Project Services: Boundary & Topographic Surveys, Utilities Survey, AutoCAD Services, Phase I Environmental, Storm Water Design and Management, Soil Testing and Analysis, Wetlands Analysis, Wetlands Delineation with LOI, Flood Zone Classification, Landscape Planning and Management, Habitat Assessment, Stream Restoration, Permitting

Community impact

  • Curtail the frequency of flooding
  • Reduce the cost and regularity of required dredging
  • Use of a “Upstream In-Waterway” system for the first time in New Jersey

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