Monarch Environmental Services

Monarch Environmental Services - Environmental, Surveying, Permitting

108 E. Lake Road
Woodstown, New Jersey

Monarch Environmental Services (MES), a provider of tank cleaning, tank removal, lab pack and emergency response services, engaged Stout and Caldwell (SC) to complete the initial preparation and submission of a Discharge Prevention Containment and Countermeasure (DPCC) Plan for its facility in Woodstown, NJ. The comprehensive project included numerous site investigations with various environmental studies, property surveys and utility locations. In addition, Stout & Caldwell provided evaluation of secondary and tertiary containment systems, site assessments and an operational analysis that encompassed the preparation of site Standard Operating Procedures. Since submitting the initial DPCC Plan to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), the firm has been updating it in accordance with NJDEP Rules and Regulations. READ MORE

Project Details

Site Size 8.0 Acres
Project Services: Boundary & Topographic Surveys, Utilities Survey, AutoCAD Services, Storm Water Design and Management, Soil Testing and Analysis, Wetlands Analysis, Ecological Investigations, Containment Evaluations, Site Operation Analysis, Soil Testing and Analysis, Flood Zone Classification, Permitting

Community impact

  • Secure surrounding community from hazardous materials discharge

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