Stout & Caldwell Engineers is a provider of professional and technical engineering and consulting services. Founded in 2004, the firm specializes in site plan design, land survey and environmental solutions, including flood elevation certificates, and serves clients throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware from its headquarters.

Civil Engineering

You expect timely information to help you make those time critical land development decisions. We couldn’t agree more and that is what you can expect from Stout & Caldwell Engineers, LLC.


Negotiating the complexities of the potential environmental issues such as Phase I Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, NJDEP Permitting, Flood Hazard Area Determination, CAFRA, Pinelands and Wetlands can be a challenging effort and is usually very time consuming. Stout & Caldwell relies upon our demonstrated experience and knowledge of the local conditions and regulations, delivering results that are timely, practical and make good business sense.

Feasibility Studies

The practicality assessment of a proposed project or system, otherwise known as a feasibility study, can come in all shapes and sizes. It can be used in virtually any industry. A feasibility study in the realm of civil engineering can come down to answering three questions: Will the proposed plan work? Should a company or developer proceed with it? What is a feasibility study?

Flood Elevation Certificates

Stout & Caldwell is a leading provider of New Jersey and Pennsylvania Flood Elevation Certificates. We are a licensed and insured Professional Land Surveying business and have completed numerous Residential and Commercial Flood Elevation Certifications in both states. We also offer Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) assistance if needed.

Land Surveying

Our clients require exceptional accuracy, quick turnaround and support. Our depth of experience, state-of-the art technology, and highly trained staff enable us to meet these needs. Stout & Caldwell provides total surveying services including boundary, topographic, ALTA/ACSM, Construction Layout, utilizing both conventional surveying equipment and GPS systems. With the right blend of field experience, attention to detail and a proactive eye toward your schedule and budget, our clients continue to give us work and refer us to their associates.


Why are wetlands sometimes viewed as the enemy to development? Primarily because they are protected for a multitude of reasons. Here are just a few reasons wetlands are protected. Because they are an integral part of our existence. Wetlands help to control floods and reduce erosion during storm surge. They help to maintain water quality. The grasses that exist in the wetlands also help to slow run-off and allow contaminated sediments to fall out of suspension. So many species of plants and animals spend their entire lives in the wetlands while some find their food there and others use them as nesting or nursery grounds as a rest stop during migratory times. Marsh plants remove excess nutrients and marsh mud can even remove toxic heavy metals from the water. Coastal wetlands provide valuable open space for recreation, education and research, while at the same time protect the mainland from the destructive power of storm surge and waves.

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