Jessup Road

Jessup Road Highway Survey

Jessup Road (Kings Highway to Budd Boulevard)
West Deptford, New Jersey

Stout & Caldwell was subcontracted to provide a partial topographic survey of Jessup Road from Kings Highway to the railroad tracks near Budd Boulevard in West Deptford. The team surveyed cross sections every 50 feet from the centerline west towards the existing tank farm to the sidewalk or 15 feet beyond the pavement edge if none exists. In addition, the scope included marking trees, utility poles, sewer, signs, striping and other found features within the Right Of Way (ROW). The road survey is to be used in designing a new shoulder on the west side of the road. READ MORE

Project Details

Site Size: Cross sections every 50 feet for 2,000 feet

Community Impact

  • Provide roadway safety reconstruction and alignment

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