Paradise Road

Paradise Road Highway Survey

Paradise Road
West Deptford, New Jersey

Stout & Caldwell was subcontracted to provide a topographic survey of Paradise Road as part of a roadway safety reconstruction and alignment project. Specifically, the road survey encompassed a 3,000 foot stretch from Route 44 in West Deptford to just past the curve towards the refinery. The scope required cross sections every 50 feet and 10 feet past the curb line, fence or nearest object. Surveyors were also tasked with marking utility locations to include sewer, storm downs, signs, striping, poles, trees and a all other objects within the Right Of Way (ROW). READ MORE

Project Details

Site Size: Cross sections every 50 feet for 3,000 feet
Project Status: Complete

Community impact

  • Provide roadway safety reconstruction and alignment

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